Carlisle & District Rambling Club

Minutes of the AGM

15th February 2019


Forty six club members attended. There were apologies from  13 members



A minute’s silence was observed for club members who had passed away during the past 12 months; Heather Perrin and David Hall



Agenda Items


1 Chairman’s Welcome:

John Mackay welcomed everyone to the meeting.

He reflected another successful year for the club. The monthly Wednesday “A” walks had proved to be a popular addition and he thanked Pete Rutland for leading them. He also thanked Graham Bell for organising the club holidays. He also reminded members that the summer season Thursday evening walks would be commencing again at the end of April.

After a difficult summer season attendance on coach walks had decreased and with the withdrawal of the City council grant had resulted in the coach walks losing money. The committee reluctantly decided to increase the cost of coach walks to £8.00. Early signs were promising, overall numbers on coach walks had increased and most were now breaking even or showing a small profit. The Friday socials had also once again been very popular with varied programme of speakers and events, thanks to Moira, Christina and Lorna.

John fed back that the committee had recently approved the production of an eye- catching poster to attract new members to the club. These were already being put out on community notice boards across the city including supermarkets, GP surgeries, community halls and and the tourist information centre. There have already been several new members who have joined after seeing the posters. Finally John thanked the committee for their hard work over the past 12 months.


2 Minutes Of 2018 AGM   

Minutes were agreed and approved by the members. Matters arising: The committee had not yet come up with a new constitution for the club as agreed at the last AGM. Some work had been done by Frank Grant but unfortunately due to illness this had stalled. The committee will be addressing this matter in the near future. There were no other matters raised by members.


3 Reports from the Club Committee:

Treasurer: Barbara Eden presented the accounts for the year. As mentioned by the chair she pointed out that the coach walks had occurred losses for the year. There was also a shortfall between the number of club members and the amount of subs received. To make some of the accounting procedures easier and more transparent the payments for the club holidays will in future go direct to HF. The clubs finances were still in a healthy condition.

There were two questions form the floor; The first re the club’s insurance. This is now included as part of the affiliation with HF which has resulted in a saving. The club also receives a small commission if any member books a holiday independently with HF.

The second query was about donations to outside organisations, which were increased last year. This was already included as an agenda item and the club members would be asked to approve the amount of donations to be made for 2019.

The accounts were accepted and the Chair thanked Fred Blundell for once again auditing the accounts.


Membership Secretary. Stephen Parker reported to the meeting that overall membership had increased and was approaching 200. He reminded everyone that annual fees need to paid by the end of April 2019 at the latest. Members who fail to do so will be asked to re join the club if they wish to join walks and pay the £5.00 joining fee on top of the annual subs. Members were also reminded that if they use the online payments system please use the payment reference  “subs’. Also please remember to let Stephen Parker or John Mackay know when they have paid.


A point from the floor was raised about using the online bank payment. Some banks do not allow the payment reference to be changed without having to create a new payment mandate. Unfortunately there is nothing the club can do about this but members were reminded to check the payment reference used and not to use “old“ ones as this made matching membership to payments more time consuming.


Walk Secretary. John Mackay made a further plea for walk leaders. It was becoming increasingly difficult to fill all of the walks in the programme and the next season’s programme was likely to go to print with several gaps. He thanked all the walk leaders who had volunteered over the past 12 months.


4. Donations and Subscriptions

the committee proposed to continue to make donations to the Air Ambulance, Mountain Rescue and Fix the Fells. Each organization would receive £150. The proposal was seconded by Roger Tringham and agreed unanimously. It was also agreed to keep membership fees at the same level. As reported earlier coach fees for 2019 will be £8.00 with a £15.00 tip to the coach driver.


5. Election for positions on the committee

The Chairman and the existing committee members all offered to stand for another year. One committee member Frank Grant has stood down due to ill health.

There had been no nominations received from any other club member.

Committee members had offered to fill the following positions.

John Mackay agreed to continue as club Chairman and Webmaster.

Treasurer: Barbara Eden; Walks Secretary: Ian Rowley; Membership Secretary: Stephen Parker; Safety Officer: Moira Merrick; Social Secretaries: Christina O’Gara, Lorna Berkely and Moira Merrick.


6. Any Other Business

A club member had suggested that the club might set up it’s own facebook page as away of promoting the club to new members. A debate followed with comments from the floor for and against. There was some concern that a face-book would need policing and might be a source of problems. Also it seemed that the recent publicity drive was already successfully attracting new members.

Ian Rowley offered to look into the proposal and explore the practicalities. The committee will then make a decision. This was accepted by the meeting without a vote.


Fred Blundell proposed a vote of thanks for the work of the chairman and the committee and the meeting closed.

AGM Minutes

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