Waverley Viaduct


Waverley Viaduct


Below is the text of an email which gives an update on progress and explains that the group campaigning to reopen the Waverley Viaduct are working with some students from Northumbria University and one of the projects is to get people to complete a survey. We are hoping that lots of people will complete the survey, expressing support and we can use the results to help further our objectives.


"Railway Paths Ltd. are currently negotiating with the Dept. of Transport to take over ownership of the viaduct. When this happens, hopefully in the near future, it will be much easier for us to achieve our aim to re-open the viaduct, initially as a footway. During the last three months five Graduate Business students from the University of Northumbria have been helping us as their project towards their MSc qualification. Part of their work has been to design a short anonymous tick box survey to ascertain the level of support we have locally to re-open the viaduct. The survey will tell us not only the level of support we have but the reasons people want to see the viaduct re-opened, including questions on volunteer groups, funding etc..


PLEASE FILL IN THIS SHORT SURVEY BY CLICKING ON THE LINK BELOW AND PLEASE SHARE THE LINK WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. WE WANT TO GET AS BIG A RESPONSE AS POSSIBLE. The data from this survey could be very useful in future negotiations, with the local authority, potential funders etc..


Link to survey: https://northumbria.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/carlisle-waverley-viaduct-trust 

More information about the campaign is on our website
Would be grateful if club members could help 
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