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A couple of things have been  brought to my attention so just a polite reminder for all.
Please remember to bring a change of footwear when travelling in another members car. This is particularly relevant with the weather we have had, there being a lot of mud about. Bringing a change of footwear is also club practise on coach walks
When leading a club walk if someone asks me if they can leave the walk to do something else I will always say yes. The reason is, no one can stop you departing from the walk. The club is not a police state so in theory you can do what you want. Having said that, having elected to go on the club walk you should really adhere to what the leader has planned out of respect for them having put the walk on. But if you do leave the walk will you please Do, or think about the following.
You MUST tell the Leader of your intention to leave the walk, dont just wander off. This is common sense and good manners.
Having left the walk you are no longer covered by the minimal insurance the club has.
If you leave the walk, are you in someone elses car or providing transport for others still with the group. Are you going to get back at the same time as the group for homeward transport. What if you have a problem?
In theory if you leave the walk you are no longer in anyway the responsibility of the Club or the Leader with regard your safety and wellbeing. In reality the Leader is always going to be wondering if you are safe and ok. This puts added pressure on Leaders when they often have enough to think about.
Please be respectful and consider your actions. Its not a problem going off a couple of hundred yards to take in a view point but leaving the group can have a serious consequence, not just for yourself but for the group.
These should now be sent to Stephen ( ) who is now taking responsibility for them. John is still the Guru and dealing with everything else.
Regards to All Pete





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