Cow Warning
Addressing the issue of the Cow in the Room.(Field)
Personally I have never been bothered by Cows, but I understand they can feel like a bit of a threat to some people. So, is there a rising issue with dangerous cows or is it the case that its just getting more publicity. Statistics only go back to 2010. Between April 2017 and March 2022 there were 32 deaths related to incidents with cows, 23 of these were farmers. The rest mainly appear to involve walkers, so we could be a bit of a target for the beasts. Its likely many more less serious incidents go unreported. Theses incidents are investigated by the HSE and some say not so well. Where death is involved the Police will be involved.
From our position what should our action be. Some just take a position of total avoidance and not enter a field where there are cows but often we are in the field without realising the cows are present. Apparently the cows are more of an issue just after being released into the pasture after over wintering under cover. They are a bit more frisky. A sign a cow is becoming aggressive is their ears prick up in a ten to two position as they approach. Most cows will stop if you hold your ground keep calm and walk on. Unless you can quickly get over a wall or through a gate running is not recommend. A cow can apparently get up to 25mph over a short distance so only slightly slower than Usain Bolt. Having a dog present could increase the possibility of an incident especially if there are calves. Do walk quickly and quietly and walk around the heard. DO NOT GET BETWEEN COWS AND CALVES. Initially your dog should be on a leash under control and kept quiet. If approached and you are concerned release the dog, cows are more likely to chase it than you, the dog is quicker and more nimble and has every chance of escaping on its own. People love their dogs but don’t put yourself at risk.  Try not to panic and run.
Having an incident involving cows is still pretty rare, common sense and a bit of thought will continue to make the Club a Cow Safe place to be.
Happy Walking. Pete.

Cow Warning



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