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How to make a payment to the club online


Go to the payments page on the website, where you will find details of the club account number and sort code and the reference number for the payment you wish to make,

e.g  SUBS

Go to your internet bank account and make the payment using the relevant Reference.

 Having made the payment, return to the payment page on the website and

click on the"Contact Box"of the reference you have just used, and send the details required to the email address given.

This will inform the organiser of the event e.g.  dinner, holiday  membership  etc that you have paid. Failure to do this will mean that the organiser of the event has no idea that you have paid. The only person who will know that you have paid is the treasurer, who does not check the bank account on a daily basis and does not contact the organiser to tell them who has paid.


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Internet Banking Reference



Internet Banking

If you use internet banking you can now make payments to the club online


Carlisle and District Rambling Club

Account number :82992762

Sort Code: 30-98-97

References: SUBS - MALHAM


In order for the treasurer to know what the payment is for and to make keeping the records easier,

the correct payment reference MUST be used, eg: SUBS

If you are making payments for several items, it MUST be done with separate payments,

using the appropriate reference for each one, do NOT combine the payments.

Once you have made the payment please use the appropriate contact box

to let us know the payment has been made, what it's for and amount paid

If you are making a payment for two people for the same event there is no need to make two payments

If the reference is the same then only one payment is required for the total amount














You can still pay by cheque or cash

for Joining Fees & Annual Subscription

If you are paying by cheque can you ensure they are

written out with black ink only - no other colours, no felt tips

This is because banks now scan cheques to process them between banks - they no longer physically send them between banks


Cheques payable to: Carlisle and District Rambling Club

For Joining Fees and Annual Subscriptions and Annual Ramble send to

The Membership Secretary, Stephen Parker

12 Croft Road, Brampton,  CA8 1DL

Tel: 0169773407    Mob: 07500556361




If you would like a receipt please enclose a stamped addressed envelope.


Give the money to any committee member














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Internet Banking Reference






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