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Message from the Safety Officer
The age old problem of members getting  very spread out on walks has been brought to my attention. I for one understand it can be difficult to walk at a slower pace than is natural  if you are a quick walker. I find it particularly difficult to walk slow down hill, so I appreciate the issues. That said, the rules of the club are if you go too far ahead you will be taken as having left the walk, and consequently not covered by insurance. What is too far ahead? If you have lost sight of the Leader for more than 5 minutes perhaps you have gone too far, it would be best if you try to keep the Leader in sight. If someone in the back of the group has an issue and the main body of the group stop you may find yourself isolated some way ahead for some time, standing about, getting cold. In bad conditions you may have a problem also. Its possible the walk may not continue then the Leader has the problem of an injured party and members he can’t account for.
We all understand that we walk at our own risk but Leaders do feel a responsibility for the safety of fellow walkers, Leading is not just a case of following a route. I for one do not mind people getting a little way ahead but please stop at regular intervals and let the body of the gang catch up. You don’t want to be at the summit or where ever half an hour before everyone else then wait another half hour while they have lunch. In a big party these problems get magnified so please try and be considerate to the issues the Leader has to take into account and to your fellow walkers who dont go that fast. Stopping and taking in the scenery helps, otherwise Cotswold do a nice line in running shoes.
Regards Pete.


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From 19th - 29th July 2024

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