Tick Waning
Lyme Disease.
Did you know, May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Ticks can cause serious health problems and become
more active as the weather gets warmer, that’s about now. Their main habitat is long grass, woodland, heathland
and a favourite is bracken, this makes us good targets for the little beasts. About 10pc of them carry Lyme disease which can be transmitted to us and our dogs. Using insect repellent is a good first step to keeping them at bay.
After a good hike in areas that might harbour them its a good idea to check yourself all over to make sure you
haven’t let one take up residence. If you have a very good friend you could have some fun checking each other.
The main point is to be aware and remove them in the correct manner. Don’t burn them off with a fag or put
spirit on them. They can easily be taken off with one of the many tick removing gadgets you can get in most
walking shops for a few quid. Get one and keep it in your rucksack.
Stay safe out there.
Pete, your ever caring S.O.

Tick Warning



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From 19th - 29th July 2024

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