From Tony Fenton Re; Hayton - Gelt Wood footpaths
Due to the pandemic the deadline for indications of support has been extended to Friday May 14th 2021.
Cumbria County Council is actively looking for support in keeping the footpaths open and Green Party councilors are supportive. 
It really is a matter of the more supporting letters received by Cumbria County Council the better.
The process is very simple.
1)   A brief statement of support to keep the Gelt Woods footpaths open, along the lines:

I wish to register my support for the order ref 5.2.320 DMMO 1 2021 keeping the Hayton / Gelt wood footpaths open.

             Also - if applicable - I have walked these footpaths for many (?) years.

2) Please email CCC at
We are now in the twelfth year driving this case forward and have won the legal battle at every stage. 
Last year The Supreme Court of The UK found in favour of Cumbria County Council and Townhead residents, that the footpaths must remain open. 
Bullying, threats and intimidation have made us determined to see this to the end. 
Even after failing in every legal action the landowner is to appeal to The Secretary of State - his final option. 
We - CCC need as much support as we can get to see this action through the final hurdle. 
There is much at stake for open access / footpaths in England and Wales.
The campaign is also listed on Facebook. The Green Party are giving publicity in their local news sheets.
Thanks for your continued support and help.
Tony F

Right of Way


Dear Friends of Hayton Woods


Do you enjoy walking in these woods, appreciating the flora and fauna, rural space, beauty and peace? If so………………………

Did you Know that there are about 10 kms of paths in these Woods that were suddenly closed off to the Public in 2010 when the land had a change of ownership?

Did you Know that because the many paths had been walked by generations over many years, local people decided to apply to Cumbria County Council to put the paths on the Definitive Map and so to officially make them Public Footpaths?

Did you Know that the application to do so was actually approved by Cumbria County Council in January 2017 and that the new landowner appealed 3 times against this decision - including to the Supreme Court - BUT failed?

Did you Know that Cumbria County Council now wants to know about support from people who have an interest in walking these paths for their enjoyment, and have put up a notice asking for comments to be submitted to them?

Did you Know that YOU can easily do this by sending a brief statement of your support for Definitive Map Modification Order 1 2021, expressing your wish to walk the network of paths in future for the benefit of yourself and the Community?

YOU can do this by emailing CCC at: or write to The Countryside Access Team, The Parkhouse Building, Kingmoor Business Park, Carlisle CA6 4SJ, with your words of support, quoting ref 5.2.320 DMMO 1 2021.


The deadline for doing this is Friday 14 May 2021.

The more people who do this, the better chance we have of finally getting the paths reopened so that everyone can use and enjoy them again.

Please help! Your support is important and much appreciated.



Carlisle & District Rambling & Fellwalking Club

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