Walking Wellies



How about this you Kit Monsters. I cant take credit for inventing these or even being the one who found them, that was Carol. But you might want to consider them. With all the rain we’ve been having and getting to the back end of the year  they may come in very handy. There is a walk I was going to put on but shelved it  as there is a beck crossing that can be a bit awkward after a lot of rain. With these you can almost walk on water. The ones I got look very similar to the ones in the pic but actually cost £15. You just pull them over your boots and trousers and wade right in.
They have a rubber sole so have a bit of grip. Even if only a couple of us have them we can share them if need be. So, dont let anything put you off, get out there and get paddling.
They pack up very small so easy to carry


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