New Constitution

New Constitution

To be proposed at the Annual General Meeting

on Friday 21st February 2020







1   The charity`s name is Carlisle & District Rambling Club



to provide for the healthy enjoyment of leisure, to encourage love of the open air, to promote social friendships

and to organise activities within these objects



The charity shall be managed by a committee of trustees who are appointed at the  Annual General Meeting  

(a) The following officers shall be appointed:  Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer. At least 3 others to be appointed            to fulfill the roles of Social Secretary, Membership Secretary, Walks Programme Secretary, Webmaster,                    publicity Officer, Safety Officer

(b) Trustees shall be elected for a period of 3 years but may stand again for re-election with the

      Officers serving one year but can stand for re-election at the next AGM

(c)  An honorary president may be appointed for a 3 year term

(d)  The appointment of Honorary Life Members may be recommended to the AGM by the Trustees

      Members may submit recommendations to the committee before the end of December prior to the AGM



       Membership is open to all who subscribe to the purposes of the charity (2) and who pay

       the annual subscription when it is due   Membership is on an annual basis

       The Committee shall  have the right to terminate membership of an individual with   

        good and sufficient reason provided that the individual shall have the right to be

        heard by the Committee before a decision is made and shall have the right to appeal to a    

        General Meeting of the Club



       The annual subscription shall be payable on the 1st January each year but not later than

        1st March   Any member who has not paid by that date shall be deemed to be no longer

        a member but may rejoin at any time but will have to pay the appropriate rejoining fee



(a) There shall be an AGM held every year within 2 months of the end of the financial which shall be

      31st December

(b) Notice of the AGM shall be 14 days before the date of the meeting

(c) The Trustees shall present the Secretary`s report and the Treasurer`s statement of accounts

(d) Members shall elect members to serve for 3 years as Trustees and the Officers to serve for 1 year

      all members are eligible to stand for election and must be proposed and seconded and notice given

      in writing to the Secretary no less than 14 days before the AGM

(e) Alterations to the Constitution can only be made at the AGM or at an Extraordinary Meeting called at the                  request of not less than twelve members.

(f) Notice of EGM shall be one month before the date of the meeting. Trustees may also call an EGM to consult              members




(a) Trustees shall hold not less than 3 meetings each year  

(b) At least 4 trustees must be present

(c) If a trustee has  conflict of interest they must declare it and leave the meeting while the matter

      is being discussed

(d) The Trustees may co-opt up to 2 additional Trustees who must stand down at the following AGM

(e) The Trustees may appoint a replacement if any serving Trustee has to resign during their term of office

      The replacement will serve the remainder of the elected term

(f) The Trustees must keep accounts and the most recent accounts can be seen by anyone on request

(g) Money must be kept in the charity`s bank and all cheques signed by 2 trustees



(a) If the Trustees consider it necessary to wind up the charity a General Meeting must be called so that the

      membership may make the decision  

(b) No remaining assets shall be distributed amongst the membership

(c) Any money or property remaining after payment of debts must be given to a charity of similar

      interests to this one

Carlisle & District Rambling & Fellwalking Club

affiliated to hfholidays