The club AGM will be held on

Friday 16th of February 2018

Church of Scotland

Chapel Street



American Supper

Free Admission


All members should try to attend


If any member has anything they would like to be included in the agenda

could you please let the club Secretary know asap.


Club Secretary

Ian Rowley


Tel: 07949621168












1. Welcome address and annual summary - Chairman


                                                        2. Acceptance of 2017 AGM Minutes


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                                                         6. Waverley Viaduct (Roger Tringham)


                                                         7.“A” Walks   (Peter Flynn)


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Club Support for the Waverley Viaduct


Annual General Meeting

Carlisle and District Rambling club.


 Request from Roger Tringham


Please could the committee consider putting forward the following motion at the AGM. The trust (CWVT), are building a portfolio of letters of support, particularly from relevant organisations, to be used whenever we need to show public support for the project. I am quite willing to say a few words in support at the AGM.


“This club supports the Carlisle Waverley Viaduct Trust in its endeavour to reopen the Waverley Viaduct in Carlisle for the use of pedestrians and cyclists, and authorises the committee to send a letter of support.



Suggested letter:


To:                                                                                                                  Date:

Mr D Ramshaw

Secretary CWVT

13 Beaver Road




Dear Sirs,


At our recent AGM a motion was passed (unanimously?) to support the reopening of the Carlisle Waverley Viaduct for walkers and cyclists. We are a walking group with (180?) members and we walk regularly in the local area both on club organised walks and individually. Many of our long standing members will have used the viaduct in the past when it was available as a crossing of the river Eden by the public.


We feel it is long overdue for this historic structure to be used for the benefit of the residents of and visitors to Carlisle. It will add to the network of footpaths and cycle routes, will link the Hadrian’s Wall path with the Cumbria Way and provide a traffic free crossing point for residents in the west of the city which is relatively close to the centre of town,


Yours faithfully

Carlisle & District Rambling & Fellwalking Club

affiliated to hfholidays


Ideally the committee could be doing with at least another two members and I would        

                                       like all members to consider joining the committee.                                   

                   It is not a big commitment, there are only 3/4 committee meetings a year.                 

              When making decisions on behalf of the members it's good to have as many                                                                                  opinions as possible.