Plans for the future


It is very unlikely we will see the return of coach walks in the foreseeable future.

There is a possibility we may be able to car share, which would make planning walks 

a bit easier and allow non drivers to take part.

We are looking in to the feasibility of having a monthly “Train Walk” with A & C walks available.

Some of our walk leaders have already led walks which have involved using the local bus services.

We are also considering having walks on a Saturday rather than Sunday, when public transport is more available. It is important that we continue to have walks available for all members but we do need more walk leaders, we are relying at the moment on a small number of walk leaders and I’m very grateful to them but we do need more to come forward. If anyone has any ideas about the situation please let me know.


Car sharing is allowed under the rules providing everyone wears a mask and we leave a few windows open. I'm quite happy to take up to three passengers if they are willing to take the risk.

I suspect my driving would be a bigger risk than Covid


Using public transport for walks doesn't look too good. Buses and trains have a limit on the number of passengers so there is no guarantee everyone would get on.

Judy Cherrie's walk report today, Wednesday 20th August, is a perfect example.

The bus being full just flew past the stop and Judy had to go back home for her car.

I've also had a report from Pete Rutland that parts of the Lake District are extremely crowded.

He had great difficulty parking in Stonethwaite and was then stuck in a traffic jam from Grange to Keswick just caused by volume of Traffic. Perhaps it will improve when the schools go back,

if they ever do. Pete also tells me the Ramblers tried "Train walks" but found them too expensive.

It's hard to see how we can improve the situation for non drivers apart from possible car sharing

but not everyone is happy to do that, which, in the present situation, is understandable.


John McKay


"England and Scotland:  Please note that as organised 'outdoor physical activity events' Ramblers and Walking for Health groups are EXEMPT from the restrictions on social gatherings, known as the 'rule of 6' in England, from 14 September."


Up to 30 people allowed on a walk

Observe Social Distancing, 1 Metre Apart


Health Benefits

Carlisle & District Rambling & Fellwalking Club

affiliated to hfholidays


But We Need More Walk Leaders


.If anyone wants to lead a walk, on a Wednesday or Sunday, please let me know

John McKay