Carlisle & District Rambling Club

Minutes of the AGM

21st February 2020



48  members attended

Apologies received from Judy Cherry, Dorothy Stockwell and Barbara Eden


A minute’s silence was observed for club members who had passed away during the past 12 months: Frances Elliot, Marion Graham and

Tony Norwood


Chairman’s Welcome:

John Mackay welcomed everyone to the meeting and reflected on another successful year for the club. He thanked all of the walk leaders also thanked Graham and Barbara Bell for organising the club holidays. He also asked that the club members express their thanks to Fred Blundell who was standing down as the club Auditor. Fred has served the club in a number of roles over many years and although less active with the club was still a “senior stroller” A certificate of appreciation was presented in Fred’s absence.

Finally John thanked the committee for their work over the past 12 months.


Minutes Of 2019 AGM

Minutes of 2019 meeting were approved

Matters arising the committee had considered a suggestion from a club member about establishing a face book page but felt that it would be too time consuming and would not offer any real benefits to the club. The existing website continued to be very popular and well used.


 Reports from the Club Committee:



The Chairman presented the club accounts in the absence of Barbara Eden.

Overall the clubs finances remained sound bolstered by increase in numbers of new members. The coach walks had occurred a small loss and there had been an increase in costs associated with the production and distribution of the programmes.

This was already included as an agenda item. There was also a reminder for Club Members booking independently holidays with the HF or Ramblers to make sure they informed HF they were members of the club as the club would receive a payment from HF.

The accounts were accepted and the Chair thanked Roger Tringham for offering to take over as the club auditor.


Membership Secretary

Stephen Parker reported to the meeting that overall membership had decreased slightly although there had been an increase in the number of new members joining. He reminded everyone that annual fees need to paid by the end of April 2019 at the latest. Members who fail to do so will be asked to re join the club if they wish to join walks and pay the £5.00 joining fee on top of the annual subs.


Walk Secretary.

Ian Rowley thanked all the walk leaders had volunteered over the past 12 months but again made a further plea for walk leaders. Several new leaders have stepped forward but it remained the case that the club relied on a small pool of regular walk leaders making it increasingly difficult to fill all of the walks in the programme and leaving gaps.


Webmasters Report 

John Mackay fed back that the website continued to be popular with members and had a function in the social aspect of the club as well as encouraging new members to join. He said that he was open to contributions from club members. In response to a question from the floor he confirmed that Stephen Parker was able to mange the website if he was unavailable for any reason.


Donations and Subscriptions

The committee proposed to continue to make donations to the Air Ambulance, Mountain Rescue and Fix the Fells. Each organization would receive £150. It was also proposed to keep membership fees at the same level. The coach fees for 2020 will remain  £8.00. The chair made a proposal to increase the coach driver’s tip to £20.00 . Approved by the meeting.


Election for positions on the committee

There had been no nominations for any of the committee officer received from any other club members. The Chairman and the existing officers all offered to stand for another year. Three committee members have resigned; Moira Merrick, Christina O’Gara and Lorna Berkeley.

A new committee member Bruce McMillan was proposed. Bruce also agreed to fill the role of Safety Officer


Club Constitution

The Chairman introduced a revised constitution and explained that the main changes related to the requirement from the Bank to change the number of signatories required. It was also agreed at previous AGM’s to clarify the election of the Chair and officers.

There were a number of questions from the floor and some concerns about the legal status of the club in relation to charitable status and whether the club was classed as incorporated or unincorporated. After hearing the views of several members it was agreed that the committee would look again at the constitution and re submit it for the club members approval at a future date. It was also clarified that nominations for election to the Officer  positions ( Chair, Treasurer,Secretary )  had to be made 14 days in advance of the AGM. Other committee members could be nominated and elected on the night of the AGM

The financial year for the club would run from January to December and all subs have to be paid by March 31st.


Future of printed walks programme

The committee proposed that in future a printed walks programme would not be sent out to every member automatically.  This was in order to reduce the costs  of printing  and distribution and also in recognition that a lot of club members accessed the website which also covered changes to the printed programme. It was acknowledged that  club members liked the printed programme as a record of the clubs activities and that not everyone all club members used the website. The committee agreed that a printed version.  The committee also said that it had agreed to change to four programmes per year.

The committee also proposed introducing a membership card that could be used by members wishing to get a discount on purchases from

The stores where discounts were available

These proposals were voted on and accepted by the membership.


Items raised by members: Protocols for Coach walks (Graham Bell)


Graham Bell expressed his concern at recent coach walks were the departure of the coach was delayed because of walkers who had returned from their walk but did not return to the coach at the agreed time. Could the committee remind all walkers and walk leaders about the protocols in agreeing to and as far as possible sticking to agreed departure times. A second concern was around  club members using  the coach to do their own walks  separate from the planned A B and C routes agreed. This was supported by several other club  members and concerns were raised as to whether it undermined the ethos of the club as a social walking  club. After some discussion  Graham Bell requested that the question about “solo” walks be put to the club members and the majority voted in favour of not allowing the practice on Coach Walks.


Any other Business

Concern was raised by a club member at the cancellation of the Christmas was explained by the Chairman and the Social organizer at the time that this was due to a combination of factors but also that more support was needed for the social evenings including volunteers to organize the programme for the coming year.


Meeting Closed






AGM Minutes

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